Hi! Welcome to Budgie Bliss! Ziggy and Oggy are so glad you stopped by! 🙂

The goal of Budgie Bliss is simple: to provide helpful information and resources for all you budgie lovers out there. Whether you already have a pet budgie (or more than one!) or are thinking about becoming a budgie owner, we hope you’ll find this site useful.

As you can see, we are currently under construction, as this is a new project we’ve just begun. Please hang in there and check back often for new posts with great budgie content. Don’t forget to sign up for our email list to receive that new content straight to your inbox.

But first! I’d like you to meet my feather babies, Ziggy and Oggy, who were the inspiration for creating this site.

Meet Ziggy

Ziggy is still a bit skittish around people and doesn’t like to be held or handled. We are still working with her on this, being as patient as possible! However, though she may be shy outside of the cage, inside the cage, she’s got a lot of personality! She’s a major chatterbox, and appears to be the dominant one between her and her mate, Oggy. It’s clear she wears the pants in that relationship! haha Ziggy enjoys taking baths in her bird bath (when I put their cage outside for fresh air) and she loves being groomed and nuzzled by Oggy.

Meet Oggy

Oggy is a total sweetie! Unlike Ziggy, he’s super laid back and easy going, and doesn’t mind being taken out of his cage and handled by the family. As long as he’s not away from his lady for too long! Oggy can be just as loud as Ziggy at times, and loves to bop his head around when he’s happy. His wings were over-clipped at the pet store before we adopted him, and he’s still not able to fly, many months later. We’re not sure if his wings will ever grow back properly 🙁 Oggy loves fresh millet, climbing up his ladder, and giving Ziggy lots of kisses.

I’ve always been a bird lover in general, but my love for budgies began many years ago when I purchased my first one from a pet store, Louie. He was such an amazing little guy! It took about a year for him to really warm up to us (which can sometimes happen, patience is key!) but once he did, his spunky personality shined! Louie loved to give kisses, he would fly to me if I called for him, and he loved to talk. He said “pretty bird” “gimme kisses” “hello” “good boy” and a few other random words. Here he was, my sweet first pet budgie:

Unfortunately, Louie was taken too soon in a tragic incident involving a stray cat which absolutely broke my heart. I don’t think a day went by for at least six months where I didn’t cry for him. But even though he’s gone, I still have so many good memories to carry with me always. And now I have a new flock with Ziggy and Oggy.

Thanks for stopping by! And as always, here’s to finding your budgie bliss!

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